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Laser Dental Surgery

Conventionally, periodontal treatments involve removal of bacteria by many methods like root planning and scaling that are usually followed by osseous surgery. Although such surgeries gave a lasting impression, periodontal disease still cropped up after a considerable amount of time.

Advanced decontamination procedures employing LASER is found to have much better results. In procedures that make use of LASER, a very powerful and focused LASER beam is traced along the gumline, instantaneously destroying the bacteria. The plus point of LASER is that bacteria of all types are destroyed by this method. The selective removal of tissues by the beam is also useful in many periodontal cases.

LASER periodontal therapy can also be used in almost all patients. LASER is found to be important in the following situations:

When the medical condition of the patient is such that conventional periodontal treatments cannot be applied.

When the patient is medicines like Plavix, Coumadin, Aspirin etc that have anti-coagulant properties.

When there is infection & bone loss in areas surrounding the dental implants.

When the teeth is loose and shaky.

When there are continuous occurrences of periodontal infections.

When there is a swollen and bleeding gum.


Modern dental treatments rely heavily on lasers. The ways of treatment have changed in a big way with the inclusion of laser in this field. One of the prime advantages of dental laser is its portability and user-friendliness. The simple method of their usage is another highlight. Nowadays, lasers are very much important for treating diseases like gum disorders, tooth decay, tooth whitening, removal of lesions etc. Compared to the traditional methods, lasers are important due to the following aspects:

Significant pain reduction.

Considerable reduction in the swelling and bleeding.

The anxiety of the patients can be reduced when lasers are employed.

Two main types of laser are used in dentistry. They are hard tissue and soft tissue laser. The hard tissue laser is comprised of 4 parts. These parts are handpiece, mobile floor box (consisting of the laser source), the laser tip and an articulated arm. Appropriate control of output power at the contact point of soft & hard tissues is a main feature of hard tissue technology.