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What We Actually Do?


Orthodontics (Visible, Invisible & Self Ligating Braces)

Orthodontics specialises in the diagnosis, prevention and correction of dentofacial irregularities such as crowded teeth, forwardly placed teeth and abnormal position of the teeth and the jaws.

What are the Benifits of Orthodontics?

Reduce the risk of decay: Crooked teeth are difficult to clean

Reduce the risk of developing TMJ problems

Reduce the risk of injury: Prominent teeth are more prone to trauma.

Eliminate the excessive wear on your teeth, that can be caused by a poorly aligned bite. Well aligned teeth provide a healthier, more attractive smile


Major advances in technology and materials have taken place leading to the following –

1.Ceramic brackets (tooth coloured)

2.Lingual orthodontics

3.Mini implants for orthodontic anchorage

4.Orthodontics for cleft lip and palate patients

5.Orthodontic preparation for corrective jaw surgery


invisible fibre braces are available, which are aesthetically appealing. With the advances that have been made in this area of specialisation, orthodontic treatment is possible even in patients as old as 45 – 50 years provided the gum condition is good.